We do for others because we don't know how to do for ourselves. We do for others because we feel it is the only way to make up for the damage we feel our craziness is doing to society. We do for others because it makes us feel good when nothing else in the whole world does, not even pills. We stay quiet and sit in the corner because others seem so much more needy. We require so little, you and I. A fact which does not sit well with others who would label us as too much to handle. When in truth, all those such as us really need is a bit of understanding, a bit of reciprocation, maybe a touch on the cheek once in a while and a sly wink. The rest of the world is needy. I'd rather be crazy. ~~Aimee

Saturday, 19 November 2011


Lost innocence
Broken by tomorrows
Of what were and never will be
Fading into nothingness
Probing eyes
Touching waiting wanting
Silent cries escape
Bound by time
Longing for time
to stop
Disappearing into emptiness
Shattered broken glass
Shadows appear and retreat
Hiding behind veils
Screaming unheard sounds


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